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At Infinity Informatics, we've created a place where people are excited to come in to work every day, where ideas are shared and where the possibilities are endless.

A professional atmosphere that fosters creativity, rewards your hardwork, commitment, determination and allows you to learn, prove and excel.

Our team shares these core values:

  • Passion for job and company mission.
  • Accountability for individual actions and a personal stake in client success.
  • Respecting and treating others, as one wants to be treated.
  • Learning constantly, assuming nothing and taking initiative to improve.
  • Selflessness towards co-workers.
  • Ability to prosper in a dynamic environment.

At Infinity Informatics, we recognize the critical value of our individual and collective strengths and skills. Therefore, we are always looking for worthy professionals to join the team.

We have an urgent requirement for the following positions.

IT Consulting Division (ITCD) Openings:

  • SAP ABAP Programmers [ Job Code: SAPABAPP(ITCD) ]
  • SAP ABAP Tech Leads [ Job Code: SAPABAPTL(ITCD) ]
  • SAP Functional Consultants (All Modules) [ Job Code: SAPFC(ITCD) ]
  • MS.NET Programmers [ Job Code: MS.NETP(ITCD) ]
  • MS.NET Tech Leads [ Job Code: MS.NETTL(ITCD) ]
  • PHP Programmers [ Job Code: PHPP(ITCD) ]
  • PHP Tech Leads [ Job Code: PHPTL(ITCD) ]
  • Java, J2EE Programmers [ Job Code: J2EEP(ITCD) ]
  • Java, J2EE Tech Leads [ Job Code: J2EETL(ITCD) ]
  • ANDROID Programmers [ Job Code: ANDROIDP(ITCD) ]
  • IOS Programmers [ Job Code: IOSP(ITCD) ]
  • Windows Administrators [ Job Code: WA(ITCD) ]
  • Linux Administrators [ Job Code: LA(ITCD) ]
  • Oracle Database Administrators [ Job Code: ODBA(ITCD) ]
  • MS SQL Server Database Administrators [ Job Code: MSSSDBA(ITCD) ]

  • Business Development Managers (USA, UK, Canada & Australia Markets) [ Job Code: BDM(ITCD)]
  • Business Development Managers (from Foreign Nations) [ Job Code: BDMfFN(ITCD)]

Staffing Division (SD) Openings:

  • Recruitment Managers (India, USA, UK, Canada & Australia Markets) [ Job Code: RM(SD) ]
  • Recruitment Team Leads [ Job Code: RTL(SD) ]
  • Senior & Junior Recruitment Executives [ Job Code: SnJRE(SD) ]

  • Business Development Managers (India, USA, UK, Canada & Australia Markets)
    [ Job Code: BDM(SD) ]
  • Business Development Managers (from Foreign Nations) [ Job Code: BDMfFN(SD) ]

Willing to apply now? Then please forward your updated profile along with the 'Job Code' in email subject line to:  careers@infinityinformatics.com
Corporate Profile

Why Infinity Informatics?

We use state-of-the-art engineering tools and practices, the latest management techniques, and superior customer relationship management skills.

We follow the TQM principles of: Customer orientation, Continuous improvement and Associate involvement.

In short, Infinity Informatics is your company's one-stop answer in meeting ever-evolving Technological & Staffing challenges head-on by leveraging our superior solutions, services and support.