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Engagement Models

Engagement Models:
  • Dedicated Offshore Team Model
  • Time & Material Model
  • Fixed Price Model

Dedicated Offshore Team Model:

With the dedicated team model, you will have a team of personnel working exclusively 40 hours per week for you under your optimal control and thereby guiding them and getting the job done as per your business needs and requirements. Infinity Informatics will create project teams with the required project managers, team members and the necessary equipment and infrastructure based on your business needs.

Time & Material Model:

The time and material model is suitable for complex projects where changes need to be met rapidly on an ongoing basis based upon upcoming market trends. This model gives the clients the flexibility of amending the project specification while the project is moving on. The client will agree to pay a mutually agreed fixed hourly rate for our services when signing the initial contract. The flexibility this model offer ensures that you will have the liberty to change the project team sizing, cost optimizing and duration of the project.

Fixed Price Model:

When the client's project scope and specification are reasonably clear, Infinity Informatics recommends using Fixed Price Model for outsourcing. The low risk nature of this model enables us to work with you to define proper deliverables and timelines in achieving a mutually agreed fixed price. Infinity Informatics streamlined processes ensure that our deliverables are met with optimized performance, guaranteed reliability, predictability and is maintained using proper management.

Infinity Informatics offers special impetus on initial requirement analysis and formulating an ideal project implementation team so as to remove any missing links in Infinity Informatics's understanding of client requirements. Infinity Informatics strongly encourages its clients to be a part of the development life cycle to create a sense of security and comfort.

Corporate Profile

Why Infinity Informatics?

We use state-of-the-art engineering tools and practices, the latest management techniques, and superior customer relationship management skills.

We follow the TQM principles of: Customer orientation, Continuous improvement and Associate involvement.

In short, Infinity Informatics is your company's one-stop answer in meeting ever-evolving Technological & Staffing challenges head-on by leveraging our superior solutions, services and support.